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Key Value-Added Features


The emphasis on proper risk management: The portfolio employs a simple strategy to be balanced in the current investment environment. Ultimately, the combined use of equity and fixed income positions minimizes overall market volatility and risk, with the objective of positive absolute returns, as well as correlation less than the overall market.

The high flexibility of an actively managed account: The portfolio manager has the flexibility to adjust the portfolio to reflect the ever-changing investment environment. On balance, should economic conditions worsen, the portfolio can quickly adapt to reflect an overweight cash or defensive portfolio. Conversely, should economic conditions improve, the portfolio can quickly adapt to reflect a net-long portfolio. Bottom line: the portfolio is nimble to adjust to a changing investment environment.



Custody of client assets with the premiere financial custodian: Clients will custody their accounts at the premiere financial custodian, Charles Schwab, with complete account transparency, account statements, and tax reporting. Subsequently, Cabildo Capital has no affiliation or contractual relationship with Charles Schwab.

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